Residential, Lifestyle, Commercial and Industrial Property Valuers servicing the Hutt Valley


Welcome to Lindsay Webb Valuations Limited

Lindsay Webb Valuations, Registered Valuers servicing the Hutt Valley (Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt) property markets

Registered Valuers and Property Consultants, specialising in the Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt property markets.  Our Registered Valuers provide a full range of Residential (house), Lifestyle property, Industrial and Commercial  Valuation and Consultancy Services. 

Lindsay Webb Valuations staff have an extensive background of individual experience, and combine this within a firm that specialises in Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt; so that our clients will benefit from both the experience and local knowledge, combined with personalised attention.  Lindsay Webb Valuations services to a wide range of individuals, businesses, banks and Government Authorities.

Experience for yourself, the benefits of dealing with “locally based Valuers”.

How can our Valuers assist you?

Lindsay Webb Valuations provide “local knowledge” within the valuation sector of Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt property; our Valuers “Live locally, and Value Locally”.

Talk to one of our Valuers, if you require valuation or property advice, when:

  • Buying 
  • Selling 
  • Financing 
  • Building 
  • Renovating
  • Subdividing
  • Insuring (both Commercial and Residential)
  • Renting, or Leasing

For all matters:

  • Residential 
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • and Rural Lifestyle

We operate in the Hutt Valley cities of:

Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt

Your Valuers are:

Alan Webb  &  Bill Lindsay

Our guarantee:

Honest, straight forward valuation and property advice, delivered in a Professional manner.

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to assist you with your valuation needs.

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