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Seven Tips For Subdividing

A Valuer’s involvement in the subdivision  process, can be for a number of purposes, these could include:

  • Feasibility studies, undertaken before the development is undertaken to assess its viability,
  • for Mortgage Finance (often required before a subdivision commences; and may include, “as is” and “as if completed” valuation scenarios),
  • and to assess of “land value” for Local Authority “Reserve Fund contribution” (Reserve Fund contribution being a land or financial contribution permitted in subdivision situations under Statutory Leglisation, to provide either the physical setting aside of reserve land, or of funding for reserves elsewhere, to enhance either the neighbourhood or wider city). 


Subdivision often requires the expert advice of a range of Professionals, prime amongst these are the Surveyors (who often provide the “guiding lead” in land subdivision matters). 

The following article was prepared by “The Surveying Company” (in their winter 2011 newsletter), to give guidance on the steps involved in subdivision; TSC are a Hutt Valley based firm of  Land Development Consultants (see  The information provided is considered to still be relevant today:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the subdivision process.  TSC has a booklet available and can guide you through the process.
  2. Make sure you are happy with the proposed Development Plans before they go to Council.  Changes “after Resource Consent is issued”, can be both time consuming and costly.
  3. Understand the conditions of your Resource Consent. It is important to comply with every condition of your Consent; it can be costly to overlook, or take shortcuts on, any of those conditions.
  4. Employ a suitably qualified contractor to carry out the works on your site.  Some Councils will have a list of approved contractors to work in their areas.  Engineering rules differ from Council to Council; local knowledge can be crucial for time and cost efficency.
  5. Ensure your contractor is aware of the conditions of your Consent, and has the latest Council approved engineering plans, before pricing and starting your job.  TSC Project Managers and Engineers are happy to sit down with your contractor and guide them through the conditions, and are available to fully “project manage” the construction contract for you.
  6. The best time to recall the Surveyors in again, is when the service trenches are still open; at that stage, they can accurately pick up all the “as-built” data, and (if possible) “peg the lots” for the subdivision.
  7. Make sure you keep all of your paperwork regarding your subdivision;  it is necessary for the completion (or Section 223/224) stage of your subdivision  (this paperwork might include, water shut off receipts, utility company completion certificates etc).  The Surveyors / project managers will make sure you are collecting these along the way.


For any queries regarding “valuation for subdivision purposes” within the Hutt Valley, call:

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